The Atlas Wearables Smart Watch

Smart Watch Review
I've been very excited about this watch because i seen it on Indiegogo in spring of 2014. The premise is a watch that recognizes the exercises you do and counts the right reps and syncs them to your phone later.

Smart Watch Review
I had been an early backer on the Indiegogo campaign in April of 2014 and ordered two watches. One for me, and one for my lady-friend. I finally received it in December of 2015 and allow me to share my thoughts.

As they are, I like the look. It really is large but not obnoxiously so. There's 2 color options for the interior of the band at this time. Bright yellow and electric green. From the the green taking longer to ship and so i opted for the yellow.

I took it to the gym the first day I received it and it was unable to track ANYTHING! It was bad. It was depressing. To have to wait that long for something and have it be almost useless was very upsetting. Additionally, it ran out of battery before half the workout was done.
When I got back to my office, I use it the charger then when it was fully charged I obtained a notification for the firmware update. Thank goodness. As soon as the firmware update, this is a completely functional watch.
The app looks great and it is easy to use. The watch is rather easy to use. And you have the opportunity to enter your workouts before hand and include the poundage you'll use to keep you on track. Adding the workouts, I became using the Layne Norton dead-lift routine from at that time, is fairly time consuming and needs you to make some adaptations towards the workout. You really simply have 50 exercise alternatives to choose from. That sounds like a lot but in the grand scheme, it really is not. For example, instead of doing skullcrushers I needed to do TRX tricep extensions. Even looking to mimic that motion with an overhead cable extension, the rep counting was way off. In reality the amount of tricep exercises are very sparse. There are also times when you need to do exercises where the movement cannot be tracked by a watch (leg ext, hamstring curls, leg press) i either need to swap it for an exercise that can or otherwise not have it tracked in my Atlas app.
Using a pre-loaded workout requires one to go in order. You can kind of skip past a workout but then you have to skip through something to get back to that exercise you missed. Can be a back button a lot of work?
Rep tracking has been consistently 1 or two reps off despite my strict form. I've yet to complete a collection of bench press and have the count be accurate. You'll be able to change the reps towards the correct amount on the watch. Each time you do so, you have to look at the exercise and usually re-enter the load. Not a huge deal but in addition not something that can be overlooked.
Heart rate is accurate but it doesn’t read all the time when weight lifting I can only see it some of the time. We have yet to figure out the pattern of while i can see my heart rate for the display as most of some time I cannot. Another issue I have found with the heart rate will be when I take the watch off in order to do my warm-ups without one counting over my planned workout (something) it just reads out at some ridiculous number like 215 bpm and skews my whole overview towards the end. Now I have an average that isn't accurate and any data I gather by using their is also off. I never liked wearing a chest band for HR nevertheless it would be nice if your watch could gather the quantity coming off of that.
Freestyle mode only allows 15 with the 50 known workouts to be tracked and will a much less accurate job of using this method. It also requires me to add my weight in from 0 each set as opposed to using the last weight lifted. This may come in handy on heavy lifts like deadlifts and squats when I have to toggle approximately 500.

I really desired to use this watch to log my workouts and pounds. To really do that I need a couple of things.

The option to add a fitness even if the watch cannot track the movement. Let me type it in on the app along with the reps and weights I want to do and I will tell the watch when I am finished.
A warm-up option in pre-set workouts or pause tracking. I could try pre determining my warm-up but I never really know the number of sets I will need before I am like I am all set to go. If I could pause the tracking instead of having to take the watch off and lose my accurate HR reading, it might be much more useful.
A internet based portal where I can easily create and edit some of my workouts. I might also like to see my progress easily.
Web portal that may graph my progress or export my data in a csv so I can record my progress.
The ability to add HR training being an exercise within a workout. I could add it for the app but when I purchase to it with the watch fat loss to start it.

I love the watch but I have stopped using it. I don’t like the timeframe it takes to add inside my own workouts or way I have to skip or adapt exercises so that you can log them. Even after logging, there is no macro style breakdown of what I have done. I can just go back eventually at a time and look. Often investigating numerous workouts tomorrow because I had to bypass an exercise because the equipment was being used and tell you the workout again on the watch when the equipment loosens. I hope to see many of these issues fixed within a future update.

I'm hopeful these updates will be soon as they employ a smart team over there.